February Picnic and Droning

Today Daniel and I met up between classes for lunch OUTSIDE. It was 62 degrees and sunny and I really felt like maybe everything was going to be alright with the world. Nice weather always manages to make my mood skyrocket.

We headed to Bread Garden (think Iowa City’s Whole Foods) and grabbed some lunch to take to the steps of the Old Capitol. I’m supposed to be on a diet (the Whole Life Challenge) right now but I couldn’t resist some mac and cheese! If you’re in IC and haven’t had the m&c, DO IT.

After we ate, Daniel pulled out his drone and took the most incredible video!

All in all 10/10 day with a 10/10 man. Here are a few pictures of us enjoying life. Note our matching shoes!!! Soludos has been a favorite of mine for a while and I finally got Daniel a pair for Valentine’s Day. He looks so freaking cute in them, and they’re going to be perfect for our summer in California. I’ve linked my outfit and his shoes at the bottom of this post!

Me really trying to get attention and Daniel really trying to focus…


Blouse (similar) // Pants // Shoes (similar but better) // Daniel’s Shoes


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