The Perfect Spring Outfit + Colors

First off I just want everyone to know that I SUFFERED for these photos. Iowa City had been really warming up and then the second I put on a truly Spring outfit and decided to shoot – boom – 30 degrees and windy. Freaking classic. And I think I jinxed it because the weather has just gotten progressively worse. Yesterday we had hail. I’m still mad about it.

Anyway that’s all besides the point (per usual for the beginning of my blog posts). I’m obsessed with the color scheme of these photos (even the pink!) so I’m thinking that this may just be what the rest of my Spring closet looks like. Soft browns, whites, light blues, and pink accents. I’m excited already! Disclaimer: this post contains affiliate links.

But, I do have to take this moment to complain a bit. I just started investing in the stock market, which seems great, right? NOT GREAT. I got too into it and literally dumped my entire savings in and now it takes ten freaking days to get my money out. Which is good for an impulsive spender like me, I guess…. But I found some amazingly cute dresses and they’re selling out by the minute so I really need my money a little bit more on hand. OK, I’m done now.

Back to the outfit – I love J. Crew sweater sets (so Jackie O.) for a simple yet sophisticated top. I own a set in white, navy, black, grey, and camel because they’re wonderful for all year round and perfect to dress down a pair of slacks when something is too casual for a blazer. The jeans I’m wearing are an old pair from Zara, but I’m dying to get my hands on these from Madewell and these from 7 For All Mankind as a higher quality option. I was anti-ripped jeans for a long time which is why I never invested a pair but Aspyn Ovard and Ginger Parrish have me obsessing over them this year. And I’m obsessed with these loafer slides that I bought a year ago. Here’s a similar pair from Ann Taylor with the cutest little bow! They’ve got all the style of a classic loafer but a bit more casual. My sunglasses are this classic Ray-Ban pair, which is a great first RB purchase because they’re so versatile. The jacket is vintage a la my mother, but here’s a similar one. And I’d like to give a special shout-out to Bare Originals for sending me this beautiful necklace. The best part? It’s only $23.00! I’ve linked everything at the bottom of this post for easy finding.

Sunglasses // Madewell Jeans // 7fam Jeans // AT Shoes // Necklace // Jacket (similar)


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