Skiing in Aspen

Last week marked my third official ski trip and I’m finally starting to understand why people do this to themselves. I’m not a huge risk taker, so the thought of skiing TERRIFIED me. Like cry every time someone bring up the trip terrified. The first trip went better than I had expected (with only a few mental breakdowns here and there). Yes, I was the adult sitting at the top of the bunny hill crying. I’m not proud of it. But, the second trip I was with my best babe, Hannah, and her boyfriend Blake. They were at my level, so a lot of the stress of skiing with the Olympians that are my boyfriend’s family was alleviated. We had a blast! I still didn’t understand why anyone would give up sun and reading on the beach for it, though.

At Snowmass Village

Last week, I finally understood (mostly). Aspen was so beautiful and it was actually nice to be in the snow after all the snow in Iowa had turned brown. Not to mention that I’ll always love the mountains. (See, this is why Northern California is my PLACE. Beaches and mountains forever.) Anyway, with constant love, support, and encouragement from the lovely Machlab clan, I was skiing blues the entire trip and LOVING IT. Granted, I did drop my pole on the lift and cry at the top of the mountain again, but this time it was a much bigger mountain! This is going to sound so cheesy, but I really think that meditation, yoga, and CrossFit are responsible for my enjoyment. They’ve taught me to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

Daniel and Isabel
Outside the ski rental place

What to Do

The Snowmass Village is probably my favorite part of skiing (who could’ve guessed). If you’re in town, definitely stop by Slice for pizza, Saké for sushi, and Elk Camp Restaurant for lunch on the mountain. If you find your way to the city of Aspen, a short 30 minute free bus ride away, stop by The White House Tavern to see what my dream cabin would look like if it was a restaurant. They had the cutest little place! Downtown Aspen also has a beautiful Art Museum and Opera House that would be worth checking out! This time, we stayed in the Crestwood, which has excellent condos if you’re going with a large group.

At the Crestwood

Outside of Elk Camp Restaurant on the Snowmass Mountain
At Paradise Bakery & Cafe in Aspen

Jeans // Jacket // Boots // Vest (similar)

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