Room Tour

HEY guess what I’m finally getting to a “room tour” two years after I first planned to. Let be real its so difficult to find a time where the lighting is good AND my room is clean… I have someone coming to see my room to sublease for the summer so I had to clean and for some reason the light was PERFECT! I do have a big window in my room, but it’s facing a courtyard so not a ton of light gets in.

In other news I’ve been binge watching Aspyn and Parker on youtube and I think Daniel and I need to start vlogging. Lemme know if that’s something you’d waste your time watching!


Would these be considered cabinets? I feel like cabinets have doors? Lmk. Anyway, I got this cabinet and this one from Target when I moved into my apartment this year! They were so cheap and I built them with my dad which was super fun because neither of us are building people at all. I bought them because my room is pretty small and since my parents moved to California I have to store everything I own in my room. (Though I’ll admit a good majority of my stuff is being stored at Daniel’s parents house – don’t know what I’d do without his family.)



So yes, I’ve killed 1/3 plants within the first week. I swear it had some disease and wasn’t my fault! I found these plants for ONE DOLLAR each on clearance at Lowes and painted the pots myself! So far, the remaining two plants are doing really well, but I don’t know what I’m going to do with them this summer when I leave.

ACS_0115Easter Decor

From the Target dollar section – duh.


I’m obsessed with this minimal desk design. It’s a great inexpensive option for a college room! There isn’t any storage space, but honestly that’s been great because it motivates me to keep my possessions minimal.



Yep, Target too. Can you tell where I did all my school shopping? Here’s the bedding I bought. I love how it’s got a little detail but still has a very clean and minimal look.



I bought this Persian carpet in India – but here’s a similar one.



Flower Wall

I picked up these flower tiles from Michaels and absolutely love how they look! I think they’re for you to remove and craft but they look great on their own.


Cabinet 1 // Cabinet 2 // Desk // Bedding // Carpet (similar) // Flowers

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