DIY Canvas Lettering

I stumbled upon this little trick last semester when painting canvases for Big/Little and it’s been life changing. No really, I think I’ve made over twenty canvases by now. They’re great for Christmas quotes and everyday ones too! I have a “words” board on Pinterest that I’d been dying to do something with and these canvases were PERFECT for making all my favorite quotes/designs come to life! So, here’s how to make your own in five easy steps!

Pick Your Quote

Because summer is coming oh so soon I chose an ~adventure~ themed quote for today. You can pick your own from my Pinterest board here! Next, I like to drag the image onto a word doc to make sure it’s centered and the right size when it prints. Here’s what mine looked like!

Color In

Okay, here’s the big secret. In order to trace the design onto your canvas, all you have to do is color over the back of the design with pencil!


Next, tape the design to your canvas with the colored in side down. Then, grab a pen and start tracing your design! The pen won’t go through the paper, but it will press the pencil on the back and create an outline for you!

Color In

Finally, take your paint pens and trace the design onto your canvas over the pencil lines! And you’re done! (pro tip: hang the with command strips for easy switching)

Have fun!


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